River of Life Christian Church - Worship


At River of Life, worship is a huge part of our Church life where we open our hearts and lives to the Lord, and embrace our relationship with Him. Therefore, our weekly gatherings tend to go much deeper than just a few encouraging songs before a teaching. We literally believe that God “Inhabits the Praises of His people”(Psalm 22:3), and that He really is “searching for those who will worship Him, in Spirit and in truth (John 4:24). So, our church gatherings are designed to be times where we “Draw near to the Lord” and  “Encounter” His presence and power in our lives.

Our church gatherings are spontaneous times of worship, prayer and the Word of God, where we seek the Lord, and allow the Holy Spirit to lead us. We call our meetings, “prophetic gatherings” because we totally depend on the Holy Spirit to lead us and reveal His work in our midst. We find this approach to be very genuine and authentic for us, where we gather for the very purpose of honoring the Lord, and opening our lives to Him, while allowing Him to lead us into whatever form of ministry is appropriate.   


In other words, if we’re worshipping, and we really need to be praying, we will turn our attention towards praying. If we’re praying and we need to do some teaching for the moment, we’ll move into teaching, based on what’s needed for the meeting. In this way, we have total freedom to follow the Lord, without being stuck in some format of ministry that doesn’t allow us the freedom to flow with God.