River of Life Christian Church - Helps Ministry

Helps Ministry

Our Helps Ministry is a volunteer ministry that serves and supports the vision for all of our ministries at ROL. This would include a variety of supportive ministries, such as technical, set up, clean up, ushers, supervisors, etc. Ps. 110:3 says “Your people shall be volunteers in the day of your power”, which means that God’s people will become volunteers when they understand  the value of His power and presence in His Church. And the ministry of “Helps” is a great way for believers to learn to serve and volunteer in the Body of Christ, and to learn to develop a “servants” heart and attitude in their lives. Jesus said that the greatest one in the Kingdom of God, will be the servant of all (Mt. 23:11), so the ministry of “Helps” is a vital ministry to the heart of God.

We do encourage everyone to find something they can do to serve in the Church, because it’s one of God’s primary ways of developing the Character of Jesus in our lives, and of building up His people. But, we also desire to use people who feel committed to our congregation, in order to maintain unity and protection for the congregation.