River of Life Christian Church - Childrens and Youth Ministry

Childrens and Youth Ministry

We have an awesome children’s ministry that is exalts the Lord and strengthens the kids in their spiritual life. We believe that our children are capable of knowing God and growing “In Christ”, even at a very young age. And we even believe they can outgrow many of the adults, spiritually, if they’ll learn God’s ways and be faithful to Him. 

Our focus for them is the same “Spirit filled” focus that we have for our adults, but we adjust it to fit within their age groups. We focus on their spiritual awareness and development in all of their spiritual disciplines (worship, prayer, The Word of God, serving, etc.) The children experience the fullness of The Word of God, and The Holy Spirit on a regular basis, and are encouraged to participate in church life and spirit filled life as much as possible.

The same Holy Spirit that does wonders and manifests God’s presence and power amongst the adults, is present in the children’s lives, and we set our hearts to cultivate God’s heart and purpose for their lives. We desire to see them develop in their own personal relationship and walk with the Lord, and to grow in their knowledge of the Word of God and Bible history. 

The kids break down into ages groups, depending upon the sizes of their groups, and they’ll have their own worship and ministry times, as well as participate in the adult services, depending on the leading of the Holy Spirit.